Texas A & M University How Google Use MapReduce To Reduce Problems Case Paper

Assignment # 2 is a research assignment.

We studied MapReduce in lecture # 3. You are supposed to do online research and find out one case study where MapReduce was used to solve a particular problem. I am expecting 4-5 page write-up. Please provide as much technical details as possible about solution through MapReduce.

I am expecting maximum one page for business problem and 3 pages of technical solution. I want everyone to do research and provide their own write-up. I am not looking for copy-paste from some website (no plagiarism). If I found out that it is copy-paste from some website, then you will get ‘F’ grade in the course.

There are so many examples where MapReduce has solved complex business problems. Please use power point or Visio to draw technical diagrams to explain the solution. You have seen technical diagrams in our lectures throughout this class.

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