Texas A & M Reducing Retaliation & Legal Liabilities for Whistleblowers Strategies Paper

After Reading Chapter 19 of the textbook ” Professional issues in Nursing by Carol J. Huston – 4th Edition). Write a Whistle Blowing APA paper following the requirements as below:

Whistle-blowing is appropriately identified and differentiated between external/internal

Provide at least 3 areas culture influences whistle-blowing outcomes

Consequential, deontological, and utilitarian is clearly identified and differentiated; examples of each are provided

Discuss how whistle-blowing could be considered a failure of organizational ethics

Identify and explain 4 strategies to reduce retaliation and

legal liability for the whistle-blower is discussed (action or lack of action)

Personal willingness to assume the personal risks associated with whistle- blowing are discussed

Paper is easy to follow, topic is clear and defined, body of paper is outlined by headers and paper is professional and key terms used appropriately, less than 10% of paper has direct in-text citation or paraphrasing.

At least one peer review reference, less than 5 years, textbook is used as an additional reference, APA format used throughout paper, correct grammar and spelling, sentence structure is appropriate, including headings, conclusion, introduction, etc.

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