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Choose 1 of the major personality perspectives: ****i choose Behavioral***  no plagerism follow what is on stepsBehavioralCognitiveHumanisticEvolutionTrait TheoriesFOLLOW THE STEPSStep 1: Write a 12- to 14-page double-spaced term paper (not including the title and reference pages). You will pick one  personality perspectives for which you developed an Annotated Bibliography in Week 3 Project and write your paper on that perspective.Step 2: You will also need to find 3 additional scholarly articles on your chosen personality perspective.The journal articles have to be from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. These articles do not need to be empirical studies, but are required to be from primary sources, and will need to be no older than 5–6 years.Step 3: When developing your paper use the following competencies as a guide:Identify, understand, and discuss the major theories of personality.Compare and contrast the major theories of personality.Discuss the major principles associated with personality theory.Understand the historical context of personality theory development.Discuss personality theory with regard to current trends.Discuss the connection between historical and current trends in personality theory.Evaluate the development of personality across the lifespan.Analyze personality theory in the context of gender and environmental influences.Step 4: Organize your paper to include these main sections:Title pageAbstract (not more than 250 words)IntroductionLiterature reviewConclusionReference page(s)

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