tarab in a concert

I am pleased to see how well you are doing, analyzing what is happening “inside the music”. I know you struggled a bit with this Carnatic improvisation, but most of you eventually followed the book’s instructions on p.206 and found that the melody itself begins to repeat the same syllables as the goddess’s name, thus reinforcing it through repetition as if calling out to her.

Your struggle to find a song that “celebrates learning” led you down many paths, all of which you all explained your reasoning. Most of us learned our ABC’s througha simple song that ends with “now I’ve said my ABCs; tell me what you think of me!” (there are other endings to this simple song, of course. I wonder how many of you learned the multiplication tables and other basics through other songs?

I am surprised that no one suggested one great song (melody) that always underscores the value of learning: “The Graduation March”! That haunting melody itself celebrates that great achievement as your receive your diploma. Edward Elgar wrote this music for royalty and gave it the British title “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Tarab” in a “Concert

The brief excerpt from a performance of “Shaghal” on CD 3:8, textbook pp. 319-326 was recorded at a university in the United States.

  • In what ways does the audience react as they might in a concert of Western music?
  • How can we describe the overall form of this performance?

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