Summarizing and Paraphrasing an article

Please read instructions carefully and follow exactly.

The objective is to draft two paragraphs free from jargon and/or non-essential information.

Article to be used for this assignment:

Rivera, M. A., & Ward, J. D. (2017). Toward an Analytical Framework for the Study of Race and Police Violence. Public Administration Review, 77(2), 242–250.…

Application Assignment Directions:

  • The main ideas of the article in a brief paragraph (4-6 sentences) summary.
  • Do not include any direct quotations in your summary; be careful to avoid plagiarism.
  • You will also Paraphrase the conclusion (last paragraph only) of the same article.
  • The word limit for the summary is 250 words; the word limit for the separate paraphrase is 100 words. No more than 350 words! There should only be 2 paragraphs!!!

Paraphrasing is as much art as science. You are going to write a summary paraphrase. You will submit your assignment in one paragraph, and the best way to start is as follows:

***According to Author’s last name (publication date), and then express the main ideas from the article, typically found in the abstract and the conclusion.

Do not critique, alter, or interpret what you think the author is implying. A true paraphrase is not a report; it is a restatement in your own words that demonstrates your understanding of the information well enough to tell it in your own words with no quotes. For some this will be the hardest and most important assignment in the course.

Please follow specific instructions!

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