specific patient population thesis

This is my first assignment and I received a 29 out of 50 which is a F. Please read the feedback from my instructor on the first assignment to improve on the second assignment. I have attached the first assignment and instruction to help you with the second assignment.

First Assignment: Please read entirely – Although you have a good start, you’ll need to do some work on your format and carefully develop your research question:

I can see that you’ve put a lot of thought into this and you are definitely on the right track here!

Please see the rubric to see how points are allocated for each requirement.

Please see the paper view with specific comments.

So let’s review the requirements for this assignment:

• Include a comprehensive discussion of the background and significance of your topic; – Your background needs to clearly describe the literature and gaps in the literature that support your research proposal question (PICO in this case)

• Each element of the PICO statement is clearly written (no editing required); – Remember that The PICO worksheet should be used to develop the question which includes a final, one-sentence question. (Missing)

• You included at least three scholarly resources; and

• the quality of your work should not require any revisions. This includes APA format, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. – You have several revisions needed.

• Describe the next step from the Iowa model pertaining to the PICO question. (Missing)


***PICO Question: You’ll need to work on your research question. Please develop your question to clearly state a specific patient population, a single, specific nursing intervention (avoid drug studies), and a single, clear, measurable outcome. Choose something that will potentially introduce a new idea into the field of nursing but is supported by the literature (and addresses gaps in the literature) on the general topic.


One more note to summarize that I hope will help: It will be important to ensure that your question (if currently supported by recent, sufficient evidence) can be developed into a research question and includes a single, controllable intervention and a single, clear, measurable outcome. It needs to be a question for which there is more research needed and on the Iowa model the answer to, “Is there sufficient evidence?” is “No”. An evidence-based practice study implements a process that is already well-studied but simply needs to be implemented and evaluated in your practice locally – the process continues down the Iowa model. However, a true research study does not have sufficient evidence for simply implementing, or using in practice yet. It requires more original research with controlled study and oversight. This is ultimately what you are aiming for – proposing a study for which there is currently not enough evidence.

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