someone continuing crime into their adulthood

Using a minimum of 4 recent scholarly peered reviewed article less than 5yrs old for DQ 1 and 3 scholarly peer-reviewed article for DQ 2 must be cited using APA format 750 words for each topic DQ 1 and DQ2   It should be written separately include the http or DOI for all references used please Note: Please see reading references below:DQ1What would contribute to someone continuing crime into their adulthood and why would some stop after their adolescence?DQ2Imagine you are a forensic psychologist. Would you tend to subscribe to developmental theory or critical criminology more than the other? Explain why or why not.Please see reading Assignments:1.Read Chapter 11 and 13 in Introduction to Criminology: Why Do They Do It?URL: “Mind of a Rampage Killer” [Video file] In Films on Demand (2013).URL: “Age and the Explanation of Crime, Revisited” by Sweeten, Piquero, & Steinberg, from the Journal of Youth and Adolescence (2013).URL: “On the Evolutionary Origins of Life-Course Persistent Offending: A Theoretical Scaffold for Moffitt’s Developmental Taxonomy,” by Boutwell, Barnes, Deaton, & Beaver, from Journal of Theoretical Biology (2013).URL: “What Sort of Future for Critical Criminology?” by Hil & Robertson, from Crime Law and Social Change (2003).URL:

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