SOC1000 Ohio University Drug Use and Drug Abuse Paper

This week, you will be completing a photograph assignment. This will require you to take and share (with me) two photographs that exhibit your understanding and use of your sociological imagination. I would suggest viewing the mini-lecture on sociological imagination and reading chapter 1of your textbook prior to completing this assignment, as it requires that you have some understanding of the concept.The following terms are important for you to understand to complete this assignment•Sociological imagination—C. Wright Mills’s term for the ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and the larger society•Personal troubles—Private problems that affect individuals and the networks of people with whom they associate regularly (for example, not having enough money for groceries)•Public issues—Problems that affect large numbers of people and often require solutions at the societal level (for example, widespread poverty)Instructions: 1)Choose a personal trouble(it does not necessarily need to be a trouble that you have experienced); take a photo that you believe represents this personal trouble;2)Consider how this personal trouble might be impacted by a public issue(i.e. how does this large-scale issue help to explain the personal trouble you have chosen?); take a photo that you believe represents this public issue;3)Arrange your two photographs on a Microsoft Power Point slide or in a Microsoft Word document;be sure to label both photos with the appropriate concept;4)Within that same document (in the ‘notes’ section of the Power Point or below the pictures in the Word document), answer the following questions about your photographs:a.Which personal trouble is represented by your first photograph? Explain.b.Which public issue is represented by your second photograph? Explain.c.Using your sociological imagination, explain how the public issue that you photographed is related to the personal trouble that you photographed.** Note: If you do not have the ability to take a photograph and upload it to your computer for this assignment, you may use the internet to locate two photographs. However, I would prefer that you take your own photographs if you have the ability to do so. **Photograph Assignment Rubric Personal trouble photograph: Photograph is of an acceptable quality & represents a personal trouble. Creativity & thoughtfulness will be considered.______/ 5Public issue photograph: Photograph is of an acceptable quality & represents a public issue. Creativity & thoughtfulness will be considered.______/ 5Explanation of personal trouble photograph (question a): Explanation of personal trouble photograph is clear, thoughtful, well-written,and illustrates the student’s understanding of this concept. ______/ 5Explanation of public issue photograph (question b): Explanation of public issue photograph is clear, thoughtful, well-written, and illustrates the student’s understanding of this concept.______/ 5Understanding/use of sociological imagination (question c): Clear use of sociological imagination to put the depicted personal trouble into the context of the larger public issue photographed. Explanation is clear, well-written, and shows that the student understands how the personal trouble is related to the public issue. Explanation exhibits critical thinking.______/ 5

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