Short answer about Market Economy,gentrification,rent-controlled housing in San Francisco


  • How did the economists collect their data?
  • What are the costs to the drug dealer when he makes the choice to deal drugs? What are the benefits to the drug dealer? (Consider only the cost and benefit to the drug dealer himself. There is a cost to society from drug dealing, this is what economists call externalities.)
  • Is the drug dealer making an efficient choice?

Market Economy

  • Read the following article on rent-controlled housing in San Francisco, and watch a video on housing in Los Angeles.
  • Gentrification in Boyle Heights

  • How is the boom in tech hub Silicon Valley (near San Francisco) affecting housing in the Bay Area?
  • In Los Angeles, what is the debate between current tenants in rent controlled apartments and the landlords and prospective developers?

  • What is gentrification?
  • Some residents of Boyle Heights are not in favor of gentrification, why? Should rent control be imposed in this neighborhood?
  • Are there any benefits to gentrification?

Please answer each question below the questing itself and no need to be long, just make sure the ideas are clear. thank you

and the attached file is the same as above.

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