Self Interest in Ethical Decision Making Questions Response

Complete the required readings and answer the following questions (10 points):

  1. How much and in which ways did unbridled self-interest contribute to the subprime lending crisis?
  2. How could increased regulation improve the exercise of unbridled self-interest in decision making?
  3. How could ethical considerations improve unbridled self-interest in ethical decision making?
  4. Identify and explain five examples where executives or directors faced moral hazards and did not deal with them ethically.
  5. Given that the marketplace for securities is global, and that the risks involved can affect people worldwide, should there be a global regulatory regime to protect investors? If so, should it be based on the regulations of one country?
  6. Should members and executives in investment firms be forced to be members of a profession with entrance exams and with adherence to a professional code such as is the case for professional accountants or lawyers?
  7. Identify and explain three important ethical failures that contributed to the subprime lending fiasco

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