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Case Analysis 4

The purpose of the case analyses is to assist in learning the key components from the assigned reading and other adjunct learning tools. Case analyses will focus on a variety of topics incorporating assessment across the lifespan (pediatric, geriatric, obstetric, etc.).

Read each case analysis and choose two to complete

  1. J. L. had a CVA within the past week. J. L. is easily frustrated, anxious, and fearful, and her speech is slurred. She needs verbal cuing for any task she is asked to carry out. She eats only food on the left side of the tray and responds only when approached from the left side.
  2. C. C., age 55 years, has come for a follow-up visit after an ankle fusion to improve her gait. She has a benign tumor in the spinal cord at T10 that has gradually impaired her gait over a period of 15 years. She reports occasional urinary incontinence. Sensation and mobility are decreased, especially in the right extremity, and atrophy of the right lower extremity is noted.
  3. R. R. has been referred to the neurologic clinic for evaluation. History provided by his wife includes confusion, loss of short-term memory, poor judgment, and ritualistic and repetitive behaviors. Tentative diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. A 63-year-old man with a long history of insulin-controlled diabetes has come to the emergency department because of burns on his feet. He soaked his feet in the morning and then put on his socks and heavy work boots. After a day’s work, when he took off his shoes and socks, he discovered that the skin of his feet was completely burned off. He states he did not notice a thing all day because his feet are “always numb and tingling.”

Choose two cases from the list above and complete the following:

  • 5 review of systems (ROS) questions
  • 5 physical assessment techniques that would be conducted in a focused physical exam

Each case is worth 10 points

  • Each case must include 5 ROS questions and 5 physical assessment techniques for full credit

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