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As a group you will develop a wiki which will present research material on mental health issues within the country or region chosen by the team. The structure and content of the Wiki should be decided upon by the group; however, you must at a minimum include the following information:Prevalence rates within the country as to major psychological disorders.What cultural components of care/treatment differ from western culture?For Wiki #1: Your group will choose a country or particular region from within the Asian continent.You may not use Wikipedia, your textbook, or information from the learning modules; you must gather your own independent information.On the reference page you must listin APA formatall of the research articles used for your wiki.The specific information and how you choose to organize your wiki is really up to you, but you will need to think critically and effectively address the topics outlined above. In addition to covering the content, your group will also be responsible for:providing an effective introduction to your topic and a conclusion that bring your thoughts together.organizing your material in an effective and visually appealing way.clearly referencing all of the sources you use and providing hyperlinks to the sources where appropriate.including multimedia (pictures, audio, video, etc.) that you think will help a reader better understand the subject you are working on. These can be original creations or something that you found in your research (as long as they are referenced appropriately).This wiki is worth 100 points and will be evaluated with the PSYCH 239 Group Wiki Rubric. This rubric is available in the course Grade Center.

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