Scientific Literature Review Paper on Chinese Sturgeon

Your final product will be 12 point font, 1500-2000 word paper describing your findings and conclusions about your chosen topic. This type of paper is called a Scientific Literature Review Paper.

Introduction: describe the topic, indicate the scope and give any history and/or background information that is appropriate. (Cite literature)

Body: Include current information/arguments drawn from a wide array of literature sources and text. Connect the issue to some aspect represented in the text (In other words what have you learned in the class that has enabled you to write on this issue). Develop your ideas sequentially. (Cite literature)

Conclusion/Discussion: Pull together the information and ideas to make a coherent picture. Give some idea of the importance of the topic and its role in its community (if applicable). Also, indicate what the future may hold. (Cite literature)

Literature Cited: Follow the form as given at the end of these instructions. Note: all scientific names are in italics!

Citing Your References in CSE Name-Year Style.

You MUST Use this format for your Literature citations within text (use ONLY this format):

(Single Author) Alligator lizards are active during the day (Jones, 1984) while desert geckos are nocturnal (Smith, 1982).

(Two Authors) Alligator lizards are active during the day (Jones and Davis, 1984) while desert geckos are nocturnal (Smith and Kirk, 1982).

(More than 2 Authors) Alligator lizards are active during the day (Jones et al., 1984) while desert geckos are nocturnal (Smith et al., 1982).

(Websites) Alligator lizards are active during the day (, 2008) while desert geckos are nocturnal (, 2008).

To cite a peer reviewed journal article in CSE Name-Year Format:

Jones, V.W., and Patel, M. 1984. Activity periods of alligator lizards. Journal of Lizard Research. 34(2):182-189.

To cite a book in CSE Name-Year Format:

Smith, I.M., Barlow, T.K., and Jerome, M.M. 1982. The Life of the Gecko. College of the Desert Press, Tucson. 333pp.

To cite a website in CSE Name-Year Format:

World Health Organization. Malarial mortality in Africa. 3 July 2001. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. [accessed 2003 May 5]

You must have at least 10 reputable literature sources. Of these 10, you must have: [no Wikipedia resources]

A minimum of 8 peer reviewed journals

A maximum of 2 can be from an online only website (no minimum requirement for websites)

A maximum of 2 books (no minimum requirement for books)

A maximum of 2 secondary literature resources such as magazines (no minimum requirement of secondary sources)

access to find useful database:

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