SBA Size Up Analysis

(1) Go to

(2) Prepare and submit a1 page intelligence document that summarizes your business model recommendations for the group based on the SBA Size Up.

(3) Write the 1 page intelligence document single spaced, paragraph form,11 or 12pt font, 1 inch margins.

(4) What is an intelligence document? The SBA Size Up allows you to learn about potential customers and competitors. customers, revenues and other about your business concept. The level of analysis is really hands on. Your task is to explore your business concept using the tool and to writeup some of the specifics facts and figures that you learned. It is an intelligence document because you are trying to brief the reader and give a snapshot of the key points. Each intelligent document will be subjectively different. You will see alot of information. Include what is relevant to you and make a sincere attempt to gather some intel that makes your business model better.

and the business model canvas is attached down here

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