Safety and Efficacy of Covid-19 Vaccine

Please keep the assignment a maximum of 3-pages double-spaced (12pt. font). The lay summary, and then any images, graphs, tables, and references that are used may appear as appendices and do not count to the 3-page limit.


paper name: Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine

what you need to write:

Part1: lay summary 4-6 sentences or 6-8 lines (30%)

-1 sentence on the introduction (what is the issue the articles are trying to address / what were the authors trying to find)

the objective of the study

-hypothesis -> 3pts

-the issue the authors were trying to address -> 3 pts

-1 sentence on the methods (what did the authors actually do)

-1 sentence on the results (what did the authors find, just the main highlights)

-1 sentence on the conclusions (were the authors successful in what they were trying to do / what are the implications of study work in the field)

Part2: Main assignment body (70%)

-the objective of the study or problem being addressed

-identify the hypothesis (5pts)

-describe the rationale for the study (aka why the study is needed) in a few sentences (10pts)

-the methods used to undertake the study objective

-identify the study method (5pts)

-explain what the study method is and how it was used (10pts)

-the findings that address the objective or answer the research question

-identify and summarize the key results of the study (20pts)

-the conclusions the authors make and how they relate to the objective of the study

-identify and summarize the conclusions the authors make (10pts)

-describe how the author’s findings relate to the objective of the study and methods used (10pts)

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