Risk Mitigation Strategies for APPLE

Finally, complete the Final Project Milestone Two section in the Final Project Template. The paper should outline what hedging techniques your selected company is currently using. You need to research the annual statement and look for foreign currencies and their treatment, the derivative contract specifically used for hedging, and any other notes on hedging in the company’s annual financial statements. Further, you will need to analyze specific foreign currency transactions listed in the financial statements.

The following critical elements must be addressed:

Section 2: Risk Mitigation Strategies

  1. Determine current financial and strategic impacts of international risks to inform risk mitigation strategies. In other words, what kind of risks is your company exposed to (translation, transaction, economic, operating, etc.) and why?
  2. Explain how to mitigate foreign exchange rate risk.
  3. Identify the tools the company is currently using to mitigate its foreign exchange risk. This should be done using the annual financial statements. only use the 10k statement (feedback from instructor on discussion board post)
  4. Calculate the financial impacts of international foreign exchange risk to inform risk mitigation strategies. This will be done in an Excel spreadsheet. There are instructions in the spreadsheet to guide you step-by-step through the exercise.
  5. Propose future mitigation strategies based on the prospective market for your corporation including addressing risks that are not currently being efficiently mitigated for your corporation.

Be sure to reference your completed Final Project Milestone One document as well as any other pertinent course resources to support your responses. Incorporate instructor feedback on this milestone into your final project submission.

more guidelines attached.

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