Rider University Social Media Metrics Discussion

Begin by reading Chapter 14 and reviewing the PowerPoint notes COM 203_Ch_14.pptx

For today’s discussion, watch one of the following videos:

AMEC’s 10-minute guide and framework (Links to an external site.)mentioned earlier in this presentation (it is embedded in the article).


Social Media Metrics that Matter (Links to an external site.)

OrThe 5 Most Important Social Media Metrics You Can Actually Measure (Links to an external site.)

1) Using Rider University (which is my school) as our ongoing case study, identify ONE metric or metric tip that you would recommend to Rider’s social media team.

2) Briefly describe the metric and how you would gather the data to demonstrate that Rider’s social media efforts have value.

3) Explain why this metric would be particularly important for Rider University, its social media presence, and overall mission as a university.

Here’s my school’s website for reference: https://www.rider.edu/

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