Rider University Components of COBIT 2019 Governance Model

First, read the following articles to give you examples of information technology (IT) issues in today’s business environment.

Establishing IT Governance (Nathan, B., S. Hare, and P. Raju. 2018. Establishing IT Governance, Strategic Finance, February: 62-63)

Establishing IT Governance.pdf

Facebook ( Horwitz, J. and R. McMillan. 2019. Facebook Stored Users’ Passwords Improperly. The Wall Street Journal, March 22: A1, A8)

Facebook article.pdf

Second, review the following files on COBIT 2019 and related components of IT.

COBIT 2019.pptx

Then, read the following IT case.

RiderCo’s Acquisition of RutgersCo Case.pdf

Finally, complete the following assignment.
You are a consultant hired by the purchaser to review aspects of information technology (IT) governance of the company being purchased. You have been asked to explain to the executive team certain issues surrounding the IT governance and environment of the purchased company.

In a memo to the executive team, evaluate three components of the COBIT 2019 Governance model that you believe can be improved upon at the company being purchased and use specific details/examples from the case to support your points. Then, list three weaknesses in the IT control system of this company and explain why these represent weaknesses.

Type your communication in the response area below:
Reminder: Your response will be graded for technical content and writing skills. Technical content will be evaluated for information that is helpful to the intended audience and clearly relevant to the issue. Writing skills will be evaluated for development, organization, and the appropriate expression of ideas in professional correspondence. Use an appropriate business format with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Do not convey information in the form of a table, bullet-point list, or other abbreviated presentation.

To: Executive Team of Acquiring Company
Re: Issues with IT Governance and IT Controls at the Purchased Organization

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