Research topic ideas Thesis

Research topic ideas:

What is HR’s role in assuring inclusion of all employees?

How are successful health care organizations addressing cultural competence?

Current events: How has COVID-19 impacted hiring practices in healthcare?

Innovative methods for employee retention in health care.

Hiring from within versus external recruitment, pros and cons of each.

What is employee loyalty and how do you get it in health care?

Employee burnout – what are the statistics and what are some solutions?

Rules for selection, recruitment, hiring and educating.

Overqualified employees: What should an HR manager do with an overqualified employee?

Talent management and talent hunting: What’s the human resource manager’s responsibility?

Politics, personal beliefs and health care – how do managers address sensitive subjects?

Character types: How do they affect team building in health care?

HR versus the hiring Manager: Who should make the final decision?

Succession planning – how to incorporate with turnover in health care.

Having more than one job – impact on healthcare employees that work for more than one department/unit (same organization) and/or more than one organization?

What benefits really matter to employees?

Ways HR can make or break a health care organization.

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