Research Presentation

Research Presentation:Topic: Veterans in AddictionThe presentation must be 18 slides long (This does not include references: I will allow more if needed) and be supported by at least 10 refereed journal articles, 2 of which must be written within the past 2 years.Ensure a reference list is included that corresponds with each subheading and at the end.The presentation should not reflect personal opinions on a particular topic but should be empirically grounded (or at least a summary of what others in the field have found). If you would like to use your opinion, please use “I” phrases and only in the “implications for clinical practice section.”Use quotes to a minimum. Points will be deducted for excessive use of quotes. There should be no more than 3 quotesOrganization:The presentation should be sub-divided into the following headings.Review of existing literature.Summarize what is currently known and, if possible, critique methods used to collect data. Include in your lit review why it is an important issue today and generally what is known in the literature (suggested limit: 6-8 slides)Gaps in the Knowledge Base.Identify issues that we do not yet understand related to your topic and future research needs (suggested limit: 3-4 slides)Implications for Clinical Practice.Based on the research literature, identify the treatment and intervention options that practitioners, agencies, and communities should consider and implement (suggested limit: 6-8 slides).

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