Research Identification Assignment

After carefully reading and studying the complete situational report, contemplate which of the three roles/tracks you wish to assume for your term project.

In this module, you have reviewed a great example of an issues paper. Now you are to construct one based upon at least six issues that you have identified from the situational report. You will be attacking these issues from the position of an attorney, a police administrator, or a criminal investigator, so choose issues wherein your chosen discipline will be required. For instance, the criminal investigator would not choose to deal with the legality of an alleged speed trap or intersection cameras. Also, in your issues paper, address the type of research (library, Lexus-Nexus, other online sources, textbooks, etc.) you plan to undertake to inform your positions.

1. You need to pick one of the three roles (I assume that you have already reviewed the scenario upon which this class is based).

2. Based on the role you selected, please review the C.Pass scenario and select at lease 6 issues. You must state the issues you selected constitute problems or issues.

3. Remember that you must support your work AT ALL TIMES even if this is not explicitly stated.

4. Please discuss each issue in a separate paragraph …

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