Research Essay

Select three (3) of the following 7 questions in short essay form (double-spaced) using MS Word or PDF only.*Very Important! Plagiarism is a serious offense. Do not copy/paste or use someone else’s material. Students are expected to conduct research using academic sources (like our textbook and other academic resources with citations) and paraphrase into their own words to demonstrate that the information has been processed and understood by the student.Q1:Discuss ethics in research in psychology. Include a discussion on the early days of psychology and human rights violations. What is the APA Code of Conduct?Q2:Discuss the major branches of psychology and include a discussion on the major researcher associated with each branch.Q3:Discuss the nervous system. Include a discussion on the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system and its subdivisions (somatic & autonomic). Include a discussion on the two components of the autonomic system.Q4:Discuss the theories of emotion. Include the names of researchers associated with each major theory of emotion.Q5:What is the DSM V? What are its limitations and what is comorbidity?Q6:Discuss bipolar disorder and depression. Discuss the symptoms and treatment options.Q7:Discuss schizophrenia. Discuss the symptoms and treatment options.

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