Read case studies and answer questions

Please read case study 1-1, 1-2 at the end of chapter 1 and answer the following question each in 100-200 words..

  1. What information resources are Groupon and Zipcar using to their strategic advantage? How and why are these companies achieving dominance in their industry by leveraging these information resources? What are two “do”s that other companies can take away from Groupon and Zipcar’s examples?
  2. What is another company that is achieving dominance in its market by properly leveraging its strategic information resources? How and why is this being made possible (e.g., technologies, policies, leadership, other)?
  3. What is one public and well-known company that is not taking full advantage of its information resources? List 3 sources of information that the company has access to but is not using to their full strategic potential. For each, explain in detail how the company could leverage those information sources to gain a competitive advantage in its market.
  4. What is one source of information that your own company (or an organization with which you are affiliated) is not taking full advantage of its strategic potential. Explain in detail how this organization could leverage the information source to gain a competitive advantage in its market.

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