Read Case 49- Wachovia P.619-624.pdf,

Your mini-case study should limited to the following format: (make sure to use the heading!!!)

A.Cover Page


Executive Summary of the case – This is a paragraph about the facts in the case. Be brief, but be thorough. This should be in summary format.


a.Decision Problem – This should be a statement of the decision or decisions the case is asking you to make.

b.Decision Alternatives & Evaluation – This will walk us through your process. You may want to look for triggers that cause you to question your alternatives. Look for boxes you have created for yourself in the analysis process. You may want to discuss the various decisions or possible decisions you examined. You may want to state the result of the evaluation even if you reject the alternative when you come to a final conclusion.

D.Conclusions and Recommendation

This will be your final conclusion(s). You need to justify your recommendation and tell us why you decided as you did. If you have supporting charts and graphs and calculations, you should use this section to display them.


Among the above steps, the Evaluation of Alternatives will carry the most weight

IMPORTANT: If you seek help or information from any other source, published or unpublished, you MUST cite your sources, neglecting to do so, constitutes academic dishonesty. The paper will be given a grade of “F” if any of the paper is plagiarized. Only American Psychological Association (APA) style documentation is acceptable.

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