Reaction Paper: Problem solving and creativity

The instructions are to write a reacttion paper to the chapter on problem solving and creativity (chapter 11). I have attached the course textbook (chapter 11) which is what you will use as a reference as well as the class notes that highlight what we discussed. below are the professors specific instructions on how the paper should be writtenIn the commentary you will provide the following:· Commentaries should include a brief summary of article or chapter (What was it about?)· Commentaries should be based on the readings assigned in a given week and will be due by the following week.· Commentaries should be at least 3 double spaced typed pages Times Roman 12 pt font, should be in APA format.· Commentaries should show a good grasp of the main points of the readings, relate the readings to class discussion, previous readings, and raise specific theoretical or methodological issues raised by the readings.· Commentaries should also include a section where YOU give your own opinions about the topic.§ Is it important or not important in the study of cognitive psychology?· Why/Why not? And How?§ Do you find it interesting?· Why/Why not? And How?§ If you were to do a similar investigation, how would you improve or change it?§ Give a detailed response

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