1.During an investigation, profilers may be called upon to create a criminal profile of a suspect. Discuss information that may be included in a criminal profile.2.Psychologists are often called as defense experts with regard to the reliability of eyewitness testimony. Explain why eyewitness testimony may be inaccurate.3.Describe the research psychologists have found with regard victims of sexual assault and Rape Trauma Syndrome. How has this affected the way victims are treated in the court system?4.Illustrate the three (3) general duties of police officers.5. Explain how psychological studies have served to educate law enforcement officers about domestic violence6. Compare and contrast the adversarial system and inquisitorial approach to justice.7.Using a commonsense justice approach, evaluate the following scenario:Billy Jones punches Chad Keller at a local bar after Chad makes a comment about Billy’s clothing. Because Billy and Chad have always disliked each other, the incident soon escalated into a brawl. During the fight, both parties were injured and several pieces of furniture were broken. How should the situation be resolved?8.Sociological theories can include both structural and ______ explanations.9. Discuss four (4) ways in which law enforcement may employ interrogation techniques to elicit a confession.

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