Quick Questions and answers

Please respond to each these with 75-100 words

1.)The PMBOK Body of Knowledge contains ten knowledge areas. Which of these ten do you possess that are well developed? Which knowledge areas do you wish to enhance further through this class, other classes, and professional project experience? What impact do you think this development will have?

2.)What topics do you include in an initial meeting with project team members – not client, sponsor, or other stakeholders, but team members only? What do you do to begin to develop rapport with and among team members?

3.)What do you do to get the entire team understanding the same goals? What are some techniques that you have found effective?

4.)Thinking about the various project organization structures, select one and identify an advantage and disadvantage of this structure?

5.) Recall the readings and activities you have completed this week and describe the one or two points that were least clear to you. What questions do you have that would help you understand these points better?

6.) Make a post about one of the readings.

7.) Make a post about one of the readings.

Here are some of the readings.

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