Reflect on the teaching principles and practices discussed during the course.What did you learn about teaching that you did not know prior to this course?What stood out as important to you over the past 8 weeks?Consider how you might expand, adapt, or change your original philosophy to your current perspective on teaching (or you may feel compelled to take it in a completely new direction).Your revised teaching philosophy should:Have a clear focus or theme.Be authentic and personal.Relay who you are (or aspire to be) as a teacher.Exhibit genuine enthusiasm for teaching.Clearly express your current teaching values and beliefs, and discuss why you hold those values and beliefs (whether or not they have changed).Describe your current teaching goals (whether or not they have changed).Explain the teaching methods or strategies that you believe are best (whether or not they are different from your original philosophy). Note: make sure the teaching methods you find best are consistent with your goals.Incorporate any new ideas and/or practices that encourage a rich teaching and learning experience.

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