Purdue University Global Microsoft Office Applications on Demand & Information Technology Concepts


Please respond to the two topics below in a minimum of 100 words each.

IT133: Microsoft Office Applications on Demand

Topic 1:

Based on your work in this unit, your readings, and the Hoonuit tutorials, complete the following discussion activity.

Open MS Excel, click on the Formulas ribbon, and select the Function icon associated with the first initial of your last name in the table below. (My first initial of my last name is M)

Select a function within the category you are assigned and research it. (For example: If the first initial of your last name begins with the letter ‘H’, you will choose the Logical Function).

Click on the function. The next dialog box that will appear will have a link to the help file on that function. You can also go online and do research. Some topics even have YouTube videos.




Date & Time

Lookup & Reference

Math & Trig







Complete the following questions after you have the information from your research.

  1. List the name of your function.
  2. Briefly describe what the function can be used to do.
  3. Discuss how you might use it in a business or personal setting.

Post the link where you found your information at the bottom of the last paragraph.

IT190: Information Technology Concepts

You want to purchase a new system but need to decide which CPU (processor) best fits your needs. Using the Web, research several different CPU benchmarking reports. Compare specifications for the CPUs, including number of cores, clock speed, cache size, front side bus transfer rates, and cost. Share the information from at least three different CPUs with your classmates (summarize the information, do not copy and paste), then identify the CPU you would choose and explain why. Be sure to try to find benchmarking reports that simulate the types of programs you would be using most often. Remember to provide citations for your research.

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