Public speaking!


History is crammed with great public speakers. The Greek and Roman Period gave us many great speakers often called orators. No matter what continent or culture or time frame, it is easy to run across people who changed the world by notable public speeches. For this module, click on this website ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ) and choose three people who were famous for their public speaking. Write a brief paragraph of five to ten sentences on each person that summarizes the famous speaker’s biography. Pick any three from any period in history. Then at the end of your biographical summary, do this. Jot down for me to see what you think was one reason why that particular person became famous as a speaker? Were they just hugely gifted as a speaker? Did they speak in a way that struck a nerve with their generation? What do you think helped make them famous as a speaker. Write just a sentence or two on that.

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