Public Lands Management Thesis

Homework #3 – EVSP331 – Public Lands Management

Multiple Use Management

Question 1. Describe the concept of multiple-use as defined in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976. (20 points) Be sure to cite the sources used to develop your answer.



Question 2. What are the pros and cons of multiple use of public lands? (20 points)



Question 3. Summarize the purpose and roles of the Bureau of Land Management in administering public lands. Be sure to use your own words and address major issues. It is important to have a sound understanding of this agency going into the rest of the course, so please demonstrate your knowledge here. (20 points)



Question 4. Using your own creativity and information you’ve learned in the course, explain how you, as a GIS specialist, could apply GIS technology to managing a multiple-use area with mining and wildlife preservation. There is no specific answer to this question, it is an exercise requiring you to create your own management suggestion. (20 points)



Question 5. Explain the basic principles of “ecosystem management.” How does this approach differ from multiple-use management? (20 points) Be sure to cite your sources.

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