psychology research paper

The research paper you choose a topic from the textbook or elsewhere that is psychologically related (check with me if it is not part of the textbook’s table of content) and write the paper from a research viewpoint instead from a self-reflective lens.  The research paper provides an opportunity to demonstrate the understanding of the key concepts and issues covered in the course through readings and assignments. Avoid writing in the first person since it is a research paper. Responses can integrate content from the textbook and weekly assignments. Responses are supported by a rationale often strengthened by the use of examples. The essay can be divided on the following areas:1- An introduction to the topic (background information, history, current context)2- Using a psychological perspective or topic, identify, discuss/analyze the relationship between the theory you present and your (or somebody you know or public figure) life events.  Begin with a description of the notion, followed by a discussion regarding the way that it affects the psychological process. Provide examples of how the relationship between the concepts you use have been reflected in your personal and professional life and integrate the language used by psychologists to study and understand our psychological world.Summary:1- Introduction (i.e., topic, thesis, background information, history, current context)2- Describe the assumptions (i.e., beliefs and expectations) of society about the topic3- Describe the strengths and limitations of your topic4- Construct an argument regarding the topic, why this topic is important (for instance, prevalence of issue, statistics, who/what does it impact, etc.)5- Provide a critique or analysis on the topic6- ConclusionAll papers should demonstrate accurate citation of references (both text and Internet) in the style of the American Psychological Association (latest APA format edition). For additional information on correct APA format see Psychological Online Documents and/or the Library Reference Desk.LINK FOR THE BOOK has to be written APA FORMAT 8 PAGES TOTAL

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