Psychology Discussion

To complete this discussion:Consider a career position you have held or would like to hold. Based on our content,Perform a task analysis for this position, by making notes about all skills and knowledge that would be required. In the posting,identifythe position and outline what the duties are for this position.Analyze keydiversity elementsthat should be addressed in a training for this position.Would cross-cultural/diversity training be needed to have increased success in this position?Does the position require an understanding of global cultures?Does the position require serving customers who may have diverse cultures and backgrounds?Is a strong personal development of cultural metacognition required for the position?Identify at least 3 specific areas associated with the position that would be important to address in a training about diversity awareness.Apply this information to your own abilities in this position. What areas do you believe you could develop to have increased success?Your initial post should be between 300 and 350 words. You must use at least one outside source (a peer-reviewed journal article, newspaper article, or other reputable source) in addition to your text.

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