Psych 4

Discussion Prompt 1Milestones: Navigating Late Childhood to AdolescenceFrom the movie, Lila, Eight to Thirteen in this week’s materials, identify 2–3 developmental milestones Lila reaches, and assess whether or not you think she successfully navigates her way through them as she prepares for adolescence. Support your assertions with evidence from your text and this week’s materials.Discussion Prompt 2What’s the problem with today’s kids?Sarah and Marco are having a conversation about the issue of childhood obesity and the high rate of overweight children in in the United States.”The food in our society is unhealthy,” Sarah stated. “There are too many addictive chemicals that lead to American kids becoming overweight.””Nah,” Marco replied. “I think overweight kids should just eat less and exercise more. It’s the parent’s fault, if you ask me. The parents are buying and feeding these kids junk.”Do you agree with Marco or Sarah concerning the issue? Why or not? What other factors contribute to childhood obesity in contemporary American society? What impact does obesity have on cognitive, physical, and socioemotionaldevelopment in middle and late childhood? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.— Answer for each post must be more than 125 words__________Complete your required discussion prompt:Predict the effects of a superficial injury to the spinocerebellar tracts.-answer should be at least 4 sentences

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