PSY306 Colorado Christian University Schizophrenia Disorder Response Paper

Instructions for Reading Response papers:

  • Review the case study and then respond to the questions below for each assignment.
  • Your insightful response should be two to four double-spaced paragraphs in length, in APA format. Remember, a paragraph consists of three or more related sentences.
  • Your assertion or argument should be based on the additional reading assignment and text readings for the session, and you should make references to information presented in reading assignments.
  • You should cite quoted and paraphrased sources in APA format.
  • Each assignment is an exercise in critical thinking and spiritual growth. As such, there are no wrong answers. As long as you can back up your assertion with literature, your likelihood of success and growth is greatly increased.
  • You must submit your response paper by 11:59 P.M on the due date.

Watch the video “I am not a monster: Schizophrenia” and then answer the following questions:

  1. What new information did you acquire as a result of watching this video?
  2. How does the information presented in the additional reading compare with the information presented in your course textbook?
  3. What questions do you have after watching this video?
  4. Is there any information that contradicts with your view of the subject matter from a Christian perspective?

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