Project Writing 10 pages

Please select one of the following topics and prepare a formal report:

● Big Data in Agriculture – focus on what Big Data is, how is it useful in agriculture and

what the mechanisms available to collect and analyze Big Data

● Food Traceability – focus on the importance of traceability in food as it goes from farm to

fork, the different mechanisms available to ensure traceability along the supply chain

● Sustainability in Healthcare – focus on sustainability initiatives in the healthcare sector

Avoid references such as wikipedia, britannica,,, Use journal

articles, conference proceedings, reliable websites and other publications. Avoid copying

verbatim from sources. (All pages are 12-pt font, single-spaced and do not include images and

tables). You may use double-spacing for your report. However, the content should be


1. Outline (5 points) : Submit a brief outline of your project. This outline (not more than 2

pages) should contain the project topic and your plan. This should also contain a brief

table of contents of your final report. This might change but thinking about the

organization of your report will help you as you write the report in the later weeks.

2. Rough Draft (35 points) : Submit a draft report (6-7 pages). The number of pages does

not include title pages, table of contents and references. Use standard formatting

guidelines vis-a-vis page numbering, fonts, section numbering, references (APA or MLA)

etc. for the report.

3. Final Report (60 points) : Submit a final report incorporating suggestions. Due-date:

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