Product Presentation

The Presentation instructions:
A narrated presentation to the class not to exceed eight (8) minutes in length. You should assume that you are presenting your plan to a potential investor or lender – a professional business audience (think TV’s Shark Tank).

Keys to a successful presentation:  Professionally prepared slides  Presentation skills count – enunciation and correct pronunciation is important  Avoid background noise  Do not read the slides – tell your story  Be prepared for the discussion in Module 8 – your classmates will provide feedback on your presentation

Your slides should follow this format and sequence:  Cover slide which includes your name and project  You may have optional slide(s) with pictures or relevant images  Product description with FAB – 2-3 slides  Separate slide for your SMART objectives  SWOT – 4 slides (one each factor)  Segmentation – 3 slides (one each segment)  IMC – will vary, but commonly 3-5 slides  Closing  Reference list – you are required to keep a list of all sources other than the course materials (text, module content, this guide) used to develop your plan. Include these as your final slide.

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