Summary of Issues and Proposed ChangesOverviewNote: This assignment is the fourth in a series of 4 assignments on the same topic, due in Weeks 2, 5, 8, and 10. The assignments build upon each other.As described in the assignments due in Weeks 2, 5, and 8, you wrote two articles (Parts 1 and 2) as if you were an investigative reporter who has been assigned to research important issues (ethnic, racial, gender, or class) that are affecting people in a local area, workplace, or specific part of the world. The articles are for a major publication (magazine or newspaper). Your goal was to provide both an in-depth analysis of and put a human face on an issue. After publication, your editor has asked that you provide a summary of your articles using Google Slides or PowerPoint for a meeting of the National Association of Journalists, so the members can determine if the series should win one of its top three prizes for investigative reporting.RequirementsDevelop a 10–12 slide presentation in which you:Revise      the ideas and concepts from Parts 1 and 2 of your      articles, based on your professor’s feedback, to include the ideas in      your presentation as needed.In      addition to posting to the discussion board, submit the presentation      to the assignment location to receive credit.Your slide deck should:Introduce      the topic area with a quote, question, and/or statistic, along with an      overview and a thesis statement. (Grab the audience’s interest.)Highlight      3–5 major historical factors (social events/attitudes, wars, laws,      economy, political environment, et cetera) in the past 50–100 years that      have contributed to the current issue(s)/problems for this topic      area.Highlight      3–5 major current issues/problems (economic, social, political, legal, et      cetera).Describe      1–2 groups of people affected by the issue/problem, including 1–2 quotes      and/or paraphrased comments from the people affected.Propose      2–3 changes (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) that could      possibly improve the situation.Highlight      2–3 likely challenges (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) to      achieving the proposed change(s).Provide      a brief logical response to each of the challenges.Highlight      2–3 possible benefits (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) that      could be realized following the proposed change(s).Include      2–3 thought-provoking questions to which the audience should be asked to      respond.

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