Practical Report For A Blood Test

Instructions for Laboratory Practical Report 

A group of 44 student volunteers has agreed to try a new drug that affects iron absorption from the gut. The volunteers were split into two equal groups (group A and B) matched for age and gender. One group took the drug and one group took the placebo (sugar pill which looked identical to the drug).

Each group then had their Haemoglobin (Hb) levels measured from finger-prick blood. On the provided Excel sheet, you have been given the Hb in the white cells measured from the two groups. The yellow cells show the descriptive stats for the data.

Your aim is to investigate whether there is any difference in the mean Hb between the two groups.

You are required to complete a laboratory report based on the above study which is linked to the practice you did ‘Investigation of blood’.

The write-up should be written ideally in the style of a journal paper,  i.e a word-processed report containing the following sections: TitleAbstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and References (IMRD). 

The title should be concise, clear, and informative. You can choose your own title.

The introduction should be a relevant background to the study (based on the keywords in your title), including ideally a brief literature review and end with a statement of the aim (you can also state a hypothesis if you wish).

The method should give enough information for a person to replicate your study. Attempt to strike a balance of detail. Presume the reader is naive but intelligent. Remember to use the subheadings, subjects (a brief description of subjects), equipment (a brief description of equipment), protocol (a brief description of how Hb and HCT were measured), and analysis (what did you do with your data, any statistical tests you used). Be brief with your methods section


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