Policy poster- topic, how human trafficking can be stopped?

Create your poster on Portrait view using Ledger Paper Size (11 inches wide by 17 inches tall).Save your poster as an image (either: jpg, tiff, or png)Minimum image resolution should be 150 ppi/dpi.Your Policy poster should have the following sections:Title: Should draw interest and should give a general idea of what your policy is about. The title should describe the policy your are proposing, not the problem.Policy description and target audience: i) describe what your policy is, ii) indicate to whom you are addressing this policy (specific federal/state government entity, specific government agency, etc.) and, iii) indicate who would benefit from this policy.Rationale: 2-3 sentences explaining why this policy is important. Give statistics and factual information to help your audience understand the scope of the problem that your policy is trying to address. This is similar to the introduction paragraph of your scientific background but with a lot less text and ideally some graphics.Scientific background: one (1) paragraph (150-200 words) summarizing the key supporting facts, based of your policy background. This should be physiological effects such as what we have been studying in this course.Expected outcomes: 2-3 sentences explaining the benefits you expect for your target population. This is similar to the conclusion paragraph of your scientific background but with a lot less text.Assessment: one (1) paragraph (150-200 words) summarizing a plan for how you would assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your policy. How would you know if your policy is working? What evidence should be collected?References: List the references that you cited in your poster.

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