You are a recent graduate of the BMM program from Crookston and you have just been hired by a new start up company making widgets. Your primary responsibility within your new position is to establish a maintenance & safety function within the newly formed organization. I’m not too interested in very specific details, rather I want you to discuss the concepts, tools, and approaches you would use to create a successful maintenance & safety group. Follow the format below to complete the report.





Provide a detailed introduction to what your purposed maintenance & safety group would look like.  How would it be structured? Defined roles & responsibilities? What would its mission & goals be?  Take some time and interview or correspond with your classmates who either work within this areas or have some specific experience with the subject matter to help guide your answers & approach. The introduction section of no more that 300 words is adequate (10%).




Implementation of a maintenance & safety function requires a thorough review of the critical elements (planning, scheduling, planning, supervision, ect.), functions, roles & responsibilities, and desired outcomes of maintenance as described in the text and other course material. In this section I want you to clearly illustrate how you will establish this function so that is can successfully meet the requirements you set forth in the introduction. Tell me what your maintenance & safety group will look like and how it will function. One helpful hint is to break this section up into smaller manageable chunks (planning, scheduling, planning, supervision, ect.) and discuss each independently to paint your picture. The structure section should be approximately 400 words (50%).

Implementation & Management

                In this section of the report  I want you to present how you will go about with the implementation of your new maintenance & safety group. The creation and implementation of an entire function is no small feat, so tell me how you would go about doing this? What are some of the methods you might use or what are some of the theory’s we reviewed in class that might guide your decision making process here? One big hint is I’m looking for something referring to the presentations that didn’t have a direct connection to the text.

             Next in this section I would like you to write a paragraph about how you would go about managing this new group you just created. I would like you to really think hard about  how you would manage this function. For those of you with supervision or management experience you can draw from that to help answer this section, but for those of you who do not take time to think about all the good & bad bosses you have had and use that reflection to shape your answer here. The Implementation & management section will be about 300 words (30%).


Summary is a 100 word final set of key points on the introduction, structure, and implementation & management sections of the report. (10%).

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