Personal communications Case Study

4 questions each essay 500 words

You must answer 4 of the 8 essay questions. Should you answer more than 4, only the first 4 will be graded. Begin each essay on a separate page. Each essay is worth 25 points for a total of 100 points for the exam. You may delete any essay topic you are not using.

Each essay response is required to be at least 500 words in length. Direct quotes do not count toward the word total. Please keep direct quotes to a minimum. Your response should be at least 90% original thought. Also, I am expecting to see analysis and the synthesis of ideas in your essays (not just a manipulation of direct quotes with your words spliced in between).

USING PROFESSIONAL OR SCHOLARLY SOURCES Please do not use unprofessional sources such as Wikipedia,,,,, or anything remotely similar. Examples of scholarly sources include our course content (e.g. Read & Watch resources), textbooks, journal articles, trade magazines, and conference proceedings. UMUC has a top-notch, extensive online library. You can find many scholarly sources there. Note: “Personal communications (e.g. Twitter Posts, Blogs, and YouTube Videos)” are not considered professional or scholarly sources.

Include at least TWO in-essay citations in EACH essay and a reference list at the end of each essay.

Note: Please include the proper APA citation of your source (in the body of each essay) and reference(s) (at the end of each essay).

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