personal and professional values-ethics?

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  • What was your motivation for taking this course?
  •  What service did you provide? Why is the service your organization provides important to the community?
  •  Were the learning objectives you developed obtained? If yes, how so. If no, why not?
  •  Did your CPSP experience apply to a future career or educational goal?
  •  What did you learn about your personal and professional values and ethics?
  •  How did this experience change or reinforce your perspectives about people, especially people who might be from backgrounds different from your own? Did this change you in any way?
  •  What was the most important thing you learned as a result of your volunteer service?
  •  Did the experience help you identify any opportunities for personal growth?
  •  What happened that most surprised you?
  •  What does the experience suggest to you about your strengths?
  •  How does this experience influence your future commitment to service and civic engagement?
  •  Envision your life 20 years from now, how has this experience impacted your life?

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