Perception Of Ebola Zaire Case Studty


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Public perception of infectious diseases is managed and mismanaged through a variety of channels. Sometimes the population may have knowledge of a disease only from seeing a movie. Choose a highly contagious disease. Compare the scientific information about it with how its effects are portrayed/communicated to the public.

You can choose a disease that affected your community or a disease that was eradicated. There are really no limits in terms of time or place.

Approach this discussion by answering the following questions. When you have the information, compare your answers to how you think the public perceives the contagious disease.

  • What are the symptoms, and what causes them?
  • How has it been studied?
  • What are the defenses that enable it to survive and spread?
  • How can immunity be established?

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