Pavlovian Milestones

Systematic Desensitization has been used in therapeutic settings for many years to eliminate phobias. A hierarchy process which takes place represents phobia themes relating to a basic theme through thematic and spatial-temporal. It is a hierarchical process detailing the phobia being experienced with intensity also being identified.After reading through the chapters as well as watching any YouTube clips that may also help further illustrate this process, create a scenario depicting a person who has a phobia. You create the scenario with any type of phobia you prefer. Explain what the phobia is and then create a thematic hierarchy and a spatial-temporal hierarchy. Your explanation of the scenario and the entire process is in paragraph format while the scenes are put into a chart. Each hierarchy should have at least 5-6 levels. Putting it in chart format will be the best. Identify the level and then identify the scene for the thematic and then do the same for the spatial-temporal. Your overall explanation is either above or below both charts. Be sure to identify each chart with the title of Thematic Hierarchy with (5-6 levels), Spatial-Temporal Hierarchy with (5-6 levels).(see file attached for more details)

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