Pathogenicity, Disease, And Epidemiology


Please use the University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology case study collection. Search for a case that is interesting for you and applicable to a microbiology course. You can either search by “microbiology” in the search box and then browse the cases, or search for a specific diagnosis. To be appropriate for this course, the case has to be related to a microbial pathogen.

Topic 1

I chose “Case 911 — A Gentleman with a Lump in his Jaw”

400 words minimum

  •  Summarize the case and explain the microbiology tests used for the diagnosis. Explain the test and the test result in detail (not only the information provided in the case study).
  • Include the direct link to the case study.

Topic 2

Medication vs Surgical

In 200 words minimum

Which of these treatments are most effective and why?

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