Parenting Dynamics – The Family Crucible – Brice Family

Theres a book (The Family Crucible) but i have found alot of info on the internet with this essay. need help getting it together with ZERO plagerismParenting Dynamics – The Family Crucible – Brice Family1,050- to 1,300-word paper describing the parenting dynamics in the Brice family. Include the following information:•Describe how Carolyn and David fit in terms of authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive forms of parenting. (from the notes)•Explain why you placed them in the category you did.•Explain the attachment status of each member of the family as you perceive them.•Describe how these attachments affect their relationships with other family members.•Describe how parenting and attachment styles affect therapy.•Determine what approach you would use as their therapist to address the parenting issues

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