Paper reviewing course objectives listed below:

Please review the directions below carefully! This paper should include peer reviewed articles and the attached course content ONLY! Please cite in text and within the reference section using APA format. This paper does not have any length requirements. Please attempt to describe and define objectives using layman’s terms and keep direct quotes and paraphrasing to a minimum. CITE ALL OUTSIDE INFORMATION. Please in-cooperate specific examples into each objective.


For the final, you will use the course objectives (listed below) and create a project that displays your understanding of the objectives of the course. The display of knowledge can take any shape or form (i.e., paper, video presentation, or etc.) but should provide the reader (someone who is just learning this content) with a clear picture of your understanding of the content (definitions) and how the concepts are related (those that are and those that aren’t).


By participating in and completing the course, students should be able to:

  1. Define measurement, measurement scales, and scoring
  2. Differentiate between the various testing applications (ex. Norming, Equating, etc.)
  3. Apply and define characteristics of Classical Test Theory
  4. Explain and differentiate between reliability and validity
    1. Consistency of measurement
    2. Interrater reliability
    3. Consistency of ratings
    4. Various types of validity
  5. Understand and apply Item Analysis
  6. Articulate Item Response Theory
  7. Understand and apply basic statistical terms
  8. Applications of Formative Assessments

Elements being graded:

  • Are all course objectives covered, including 4a-4d?
    • Hint: Use the course objectives as headings and subheadings.
  • Does the project show your understanding of the definitions for each objective listed?
  • Does the project show your understanding of how some/all concepts are related?
  • Does the project show your understanding of how some/all concepts are not related?
  • Would a person who does not know this content understand the information as presented?

Think outside the box – diagrams, concept maps, etc. I am not looking for a standard paper – I want you to present the information in a way that makes the most sense to you. I am grading for content coverage (90%) and a clean presentation (10%) of the information.

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