PAD530 AMU Alabama Chemical Castration Law for Sex Offenders Presentation

Final Project:

Research the policy context, implementation, effectiveness, and evaluate it using the criteria laid out in your lesson (and practiced in the writing assignments). Analyze the policy, and then draw conclusions and make recommendations about the policy’s future and effectiveness. Present your findings with a PowerPoint briefing (minimum 10 slides with images on each slide). Because so many people have problems arranging this time, I’ve waived the live presentation but require either an a transcript of what you would say if you gave the presentation or detailed speaker’s notes. For a professional presentation, you should have brief bullet points on the slides with the details in the audio or written transcript or notes.

The presentation must be NO LONGER than 25-30 minutes if you had given it. Your bibliography of sources (a minimum of 7 scholarly sources) should be the final slide(s) of the presentation but can also be uploaded as a document within the assignment folder.

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