Outbreaks of disease around the world.

 You have chosen to join WHO. They are particularly interested in your microbiology skills since there have been many outbreaks of disease around the world.  Now that you have reviewed your microbiology, you have been notified that you will be sent to one of two areas, West Africa, or the Middle East.  In preparation, the Peace Corp would like you to choose one of these areas and complete a plan to deal with outbreaks or potential outbreaks in the area.


hoose an outbreak from those below to investigate.

Ebola or Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

Locate resources that will provide information about the infection, causing microbe, mode of infection, mode of spread, group or groups specifically susceptible, where the outbreak occurred and when, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, infection control.

Find first-person reports such as interviews or personal reports or journals on the outbreak.


Design and submit an outline of the information you have uncovered. You will use this information to complete the project.  The outline should contain information and cited resources for:

  1. Name of the disease chosen
  2. Causing microbe
  3. Mode of infection
  4. Mode of spread
  5. Group or groups specifically susceptible
  6. Where outbreak occurred and when
  7. Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
  8. Infection control.

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